Nine arrested, including seven kids for carjackings, armed robberies in New Orleans

Nine arrested, including seven kids for carjackings, armed robberies in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "We took swift and aggressive action to take these perps off the streets of New Orleans," said NOPD Chief Michael Harrison.

The NOPD says it's solved nine armed robbery cases with the arrests of several people, most of them are juveniles.

"So, we've recovered three stolen vehicles associated with these attacks. We also executed two search warrants and recovered three firearms connected to these armed robberies," says Chief Harrison.

Police say two men, Rannell and Roland Fields, are responsible for four carjackings and one attempted armed robbery in the Uptown and Carrolton neighborhoods.

The men are brothers and police say they were caught alongside two juveniles who were also involved in the armed robberies.

"As I went to unlock my car, I guess a group of older teenagers 16, 17, just rolled up on us. They came through the driver's side door, jumped in my car and pulled guns on us. We basically hit the floor and gave them anything they wanted, the keys, our wallets and everything," says KC O'Rorke.

Police say one of their victims was the lead singer and trumpet player for the popular funk bank, 'Flow Tribe'.

"Luckily, a neighbor started banging on the window, and I think that kind of scared them so they only took my car keys and my car, but my instruments, my trumpets, were in the back of the car, so they took all that," says O'Rorke.

Police say they recovered the musicians car, but they have not found his instruments. The NOPD now have two people they want to talk to. They're calling them 'persons of interest' in the armed robbery cases.

Police in the 1st District arrested five people, all of them are juveniles. Investigators say four of the juveniles committed three armed robberies. The fifth arrested juvenile committed one armed robbery.

"It's not just that they're out of school. They've become very brazen," says Chief Harrison. "What we know is that there are a number of juveniles that committed these violent acts before and are out in a position to commit them again."

Chief Harrison says no matter how old the armed robbers may be, they will not get special treatment.

"We're not playing with them. These are violent crimes. This is grown man behavior, so we are going to come at them for the violent criminals they are and make sure that we protect the citizens of New Orleans," says Chief Harrison.

There are still several unsolved armed robberies that happened in the last few days. Since Friday, the NOPD's investigated 23 cases.

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