Military veterans robbed at gunpoint

Military veterans robbed at gunpoint

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A pair of military veterans were robbed at gunpoint Friday evening in front of their Leonidas neighborhood home.

It happened just before midnight near the corner of Dante Street and Green Street.

The couple, Air Force veterans who served overseas in Afghanistan, was returning home from an evening out with friends when the said someone drove by in a light-colored SUV and shouted something at them and then moments later the SUV returned and two teens got out armed with guns.

"They were kids, they were young 16-17 years old. They jumped out of the vehicle with weapons and they asked for all of our belongings and we gave them everything we had," the husband said. "The other individual was next to the two females and he basically had them on their knees with his weapon to their heads."

His wife said that's when her military instincts kicked in, but she thought it was too risky to try to stop the robbery.

"It was really shocking, I felt safe before and now no. I was trying to think of ways that I could possibly get the gun out and then I was thinking about everyone else and another gun pointing at us," the wife said.

"They were still pointing their weapon at us and I was like, 'What else do you want from us?' We gave him the keys, we gave them our wallets, my wife's purse, her phone. Threw my phone, they didn't take it. They then had us back up on our gate. They had us face our house with our backs to them and I was like, 'OK,' by then I was like, 'This is it,'" the husband said.

But the thieves took off, only to return later in the evening to steal his wife's car using her keys they snagged during the attack.

Now the couple wonders if New Orleans is the best place to call home or start their new business.

"I was going to base it here in New Orleans and now I'm thinking I don't know. Do I want to raise a family here? What are we supposed to do as a young couple? I kind of feel forced to, to move away and not have anything to do with this place," the husband said.

Police arrested four people connected to the armed robbery, 17-year old Rannel Fields, his brother 23-year old Roland Fields, and two juveniles.

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