Nick Fairley awaiting third medical opinion on heart condition

Saints players react to Nick Fairley diagnosis

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - With a rare June breeze blowing, the Saints concluded their final OTA on Thursday. But the day's biggest story came from someone not in attendance.
Defensive tackle Nick Fairley has a serious heart condition, one that could jeopardize her career.

Head coach Sean Payton went into detail about his condition. Fairley has had three medical opinions. One said he should quit football; another
was a little different. Fairley is awaiting the third.

"The things we know are this: it is obviously something significant and serious that we have got to pay attention to, obviously, both for Nick and for the club." Payton said. "So, we are hopeful, and yet we are guarded because of the type of condition that we are talking about."

The Saints had big plans for Fairley this season. They signed him to a four-year contract in March which makes the timing of the revelation so interesting.

At some point either during or after those negotiations, Fairley took a physical with the team. This was where the potential problem was first discovered.

"The testing came, and like anything else with something like that, it was one small thing that led to a little bit more. Then we sent him out east for an examination. He's had one in Houston, and I know he had a third now as recently as yesterday or the day before," Payton explained.

"We are obviously wanting to get every expert's eyes on this study and examinations, and I am sure Nick and his agent feel the same way. But it is challenging."

The team hopes to know something final about his condition within the next few weeks.

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