Some state lawmakers miffed over how things went down in the state house

BATON ROUGE, LA (WVUE) - A day later has not lessened the frustrations some state House members feel over not having passed an operating budget to keep state government operating in the new fiscal year.

"I just see this as a tremendous fail. I think that we failed for the people of the state. I think it's so sad that the partisan politics that are being played in the legislature right now," said Rep. Julie Stokes, R-Kenner.

Stokes and others think had the House been given a chance to vote on a budget compromise from the state Senate before the deadline for the ending the session it would have passed.

"I believe that if the whole House floor had a vote on whether or not the senate's compromise was accepted that it would have been accepted. I do know that the Senate counter-proposed and I don't know if we counter-proposed from that, or not but I know that the Senate even had passed a resolution on the Senate floor around 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon that we had to be in receipt of," said Stokes.

She is not alone.

"The governor knows and I know that we had enough votes to pass the budget. That's why they didn't let it come to the floor. If it would have come to the floor we would have passed a good budget, It was what the Senate wanted, it was what the House Dems wanted and it's not what the Republicans wanted because their only agenda is to make John Bel a one-time governor," said Rep. John Bagneris, D-New Orleans.

"I've been in the office now for 45 years and there's only one other time that it happened," said Senate President John Alario.

Alario did not like the outcome of the budget process either and said there could be serious problems if a budget is not passed before the new fiscal year begins next month.

"There is an obligation for us to have a budget before July 1. There's not one state agency in Louisiana that can write a check beginning July 1 because no funds will be appropriated at that point," Alario said.

Republicans in the House were at odds with the Senate because they sought to include less revenues in the budget than the state's revenue estimating panel projects for the 2017-2018 fiscal year to avoid any midyear budget cuts. They said the revenue projections have been off in the past.

"I think that the concept is definitely a step in the right direction. I would probably think that it would be easier to implement after the fiscal cliff has passed and we're not under dire circumstances and then to roll it in like maybe a half of a percent and then a half of a percent for a few years," said Stokes.

"We had a chance to take care of the people's business and we failed. Poor leadership on the speaker's side," Rep. Bagneris stated.

A special legislative session began moments after the regular session ended.

Governor John Bel Edwards took aim at the House with a tweet after the body decided not to begin work on the budget until Monday.

"If we couldn't get it done in 90 days what 12 more days going to help us with it," said Rep. Bagneris.

"And if we get through another two weeks without a compromise you can know that everything has officially broken down," said Rep. Stokes.

"I think they want to do the right thing. I think they got stuck on a political philosophy whether it was for that philosophy or to try to hurt John Bel Edwards. Just the fact that you're hurting the governor you end up hurting the whole state," Sen. Alario stated.

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