WATCH VIDEO: Cameras catch Causeway accidents

WATCH VIDEO: Cameras catch Causeway accidents

(WVUE) - Two accidents on the Causeway Bridge last month show the dangers of following too closely and distracted driving.

Causeway officials released video from two accidents.

According to our partners at Times-Picayune, on May 12 just before 7 a.m., a Causeway tow truck was rear-ended when the employee slowed to turn into a crossover. The video shows debris fly, the tow truck spin, and stop right in front of a parked police car.

A Causeway police report says the person responsible for the crash, Eric Dail, also hit a guardrail and a utility pole. He told investigators he didn't know what happened and may have fallen asleep behind the wheel.

Dail was cited for careless driving.

The Causeway says its employee suffered back and neck injuries.

The second accident video is from May 23 just before 4 p.m.  It shows a motorcyclist hit from behind as he tried to turn into a crossover.

A police report obtained by our partners at Times-Picayune states a pickup truck driver failed to slow down enough and sent the biker to the pavement.

The victim suffered "road rash" to his arms and hands and refused treatment.

The pickup truck driver, Kevin Strain, was cited for following too closely.

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