NOPD makes quick arrest after morning murder, but trends are troubling

NOPD makes quick arrest after morning murder, but trends are troubling

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - New Orleans police make a quick arrest after an early morning murder on Calliope St.

A woman was fatally stabbed under the Pontchartrain Expressway, the latest victim of a violence spree which places New Orleans at the top of the list, when it comes to murders.

The stabbing occurred Saturday morning, leaving a homeless woman dead. Just hours later, NOPD arrests Jules Williams, the two latest casualties in a city with a homicide rate that tops the nation.

"We're inheriting the wind, the consequences," said LSU health criminologist Peter Scharf, Ph.D.

This week, Police One, issued new stats which show New Orleans as the per capita homicide capital of the U.S.

Between 2009, and 2015, there was an annual average of 43 murders per 100-thousand residents.

That's nearly four times higher than Chicago, which has gained national for it's murder rate.

On the same day as the Police One report came out, the mayor and police chief went to Franklin Avenue, Thursday, where six people were shot, including a four-year old boy.

"Again, a totally senseless situation," said Mayor Landrieu.

"Certainly somebody saw something, and we need information to come fast," said New Orleans Police Chief Michael Harrison.

The 'Police One' report tracks crime for 6 years. and a local criminologist says it's clear, we're doing something wrong.

"We have a whole system that is backwards, we save on education, but pay for it on incarceration costs. We're going bankrupt on murder costs," said Scharf.

The new stats are particularly troubling, when you consider the billions of dollars in investment in new schools and infrastructure, post Katrina.

"We did not rebuild our police department, we sometimes  have three cops in a district," said Scharf.

Scharf says  mayoral candidates need to be talking about a revamp, to help provide direction to a core group of at risk kids, which he says number at around 800.

"We're not intervening early with the highest risk kids, and they're getting into this disenfranchised group of older people," said Scharf.

The police chief says progress is being made.

"We made a bunch of arrests, and now we're holding people accountable for the terror they are putting on our community," said Harrison.

But Dr. Scharf, worries about the immediate future.

"The peak summer months are ahead of us," said Scharf.

New Orleans was the only city on the list with a homicide rate of more than 40 per 100-thousand. Second on the list was Coahoma County, Mississippi, with a rate of 37 homicides per 100-thousand.

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