LSU hungry for title in Omaha

LSU hungry for title in Omaha

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - The LSU Tigers have a taste for a title in Omaha after devouring the Mississippi State Bulldogs in two straight games at the Baton Rouge Super Regional.

While the Bulldogs had a lead at one point in both games, fans said they knew the Tigers wouldn't give up their berth to Omaha that easily.

"I mean honestly, we've been there before and you've watched the games in the past and LSU always seems to pull it out," Lance Gauloa, an LSU fan, said.

"LSU is always gonna play just like they usually play. I'm glad these guys are going to Omaha, these guys deserve it, these young guys, they're actually gonna go and I hope that they actually do win," Orin Bridgewater, an LSU fan, said.

The Tigers are now on a 16-game winning streak, which gives some vindication to the people upset over the fair-weather fans during the team's rocky start this season.

"I don't know why everyone was talking about fire Mainieri and all that when they started doing bad, you just got to have faith in them you know, I'm excited," Charles Coleman, an LSU fan, said.

Between the streak, the red hot bats that are putting up more hits than a Beyonce album, and the veterans on the mound, fans think there's no way the season ends without a trophy.

"With the bullpen, they have, man, and the hitters they've got, I can't see them losing. They're doing an awesome job, those kids, they look hungry out there and I'm wishing them the best," Chris Montgomery, an LSU fan, said.

Now fans hope the Tigers are hungry for more than those Omaha steaks at the College World Series.

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