Neighbors say fatal accident involving ATV, dirt bikes was bound to happen

Neighbors say fatal accident involving ATV, dirt bikes was bound to happen

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "One of the bikes was actually broken in half. I heard the guy that died was on the four wheeler," Jason Foreuna said.

Crowds of people gathered around the scene at Majestic Oaks Drive and Chef Menteur Monday just after 8:30 p.m. The crash involved a car, a four-wheeler and two dirt bikes.

Police say the car was attempting to turn onto Majestic Oaks when the four wheeler and one of the dirt bikes traveling westbound on Chef T-boned the Grand Prix.

"While the third motor bike that was traveling alongside saw the accident and slid down. He laid the bike down and sustained minor injuries," Lt. Anthony Micheu said.

Police said the driver of the ATV died on the scene, and a dirt bike rider is in critical condition. Micheu said the four-wheeler and one of the dirt bikes were stolen.

"Speed and careless operation was a contributing factor. Besides, they were operating these things without lights or anything. It was completely careless," he said.

Kirk Lee has lived on Majestic Oaks Drive for 26 years. He says ATVs constantly race through the area.

"You may see as many as 20 coming through the neighborhood. They ride up and down Chef Highway," Lee said.

People who watched police investigate the scene told FOX 8 they weren't at all surprised that it happened.

"Motorcyclists come up here all the time on their dirt bikes and four-wheelers. They do wheelies and do not care about the other traffic. They just act wreckless. It was bound to happen eventually," Foreuna said.

"They'll stand up. They do wheelies, weaving in and out of traffic. I guess they think they're Evel Knievel," Lee said.

The NOPD wants to stress that ATVs are not street legal.

"Arrests are made. Charges were brought forth. Sometimes, they run. Sometimes, they jump off and we have to confiscate the bike," Micheu said.

Lt. Micheu says most importantly, he wants to send a message about the danger of riding these ATVs on the street.

"If you've got a child that doing this, tell them to stop. It's not safe. Something bad is always going to happen when you do something that you know is wrong," Micheu said.

The NOPD says the accident is still under investigation, but the driver of the car will not face charges.

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