JP School Board votes to rezone elementary school districts

JP School Board votes to rezone elementary school districts

JEFFERSON PARISH, LA (WVUE) - The Jefferson Parish School Board voted 5 to 3 in favor of rezoning elementary school districts on the east bank of the parish.

The plan automatically opens up Bunche Elementary in August as a kindergarten through fifth-grade program.

The redistricting is controversial because some parents don't agree with how the district lines have been redrawn. The parish hopes the new lines will help reduce classroom sizes in some schools and finalize the Dandridge desegregation lawsuit from more than 50 years ago that the parish settled in 2015.

The shift will affect students who go to Matas, Bridgedale, Green Park, Hearst and Hazel Park elementary schools, and the new re-district lines go into effect immediately.

Some are very pleased with the board's decision, while others say they are moving their children.

"Change is difficult," said desegregation task force chairwoman Margie Zeno. "There are people, there are parents in our district, in this country, who are bussed miles past schools, and now hopefully we will understand while painful it may be for a moment, but hopeful that the outcome will outweigh that."

"My child is not going to be a guinea pig, and a lot of the other parents have me as their voice to come here tonight, and they're going to move," said Tania Sander. "They're not going to send their kids there, and it's not all about about the neighborhood it's about how they're going about it. It's a rush job, and it doesn't need to be going down like this for children."

There was also some concern about how the redistricting will affect teachers, as some will have to be shifted to accommodate the new district lines.

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