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Sen. Jeff Flake on DC shooting: 'More than 50 shots fired'

Sen. Jeff Flake Sen. Jeff Flake
WASHINGTON, D.C. (Tucson News Now) -

Sen. Jeff Flake released the following statement regarding a shooting at a GOP baseball practice in Alexandria, VA, where House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others were injured.

As the center fielder on Republican Congressional Baseball Team, U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) was present during the shooting this morning at Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria, Va. Flake was standing along the first base line when the gunman opened fire. As the gunman and Capitol Police exchanged gunfire, Flake took cover in the dugout. While in the dugout, Flake helped treat one aide who, after being shot in the leg near center field, managed to get into the dugout. Flake estimates more than 50 shots were fired. Immediately after the gunfire stopped, Flake ran onto the field and began to apply pressure on Congressman Steve Scalise’s (R-La.) wound. After medical personnel arrived, Flake retrieved Scalise’s phone and made the first call to Scalise’s wife to notify her of the shooting. He did to ensure that Mrs. Scalise would not find out about the shooting through the media.

 No fatalities have been reported. Congressman Scalise underwent surgery, and is in critical condition.

Flake later met with the Capitol Hill police officers who were injured.

"If not for them, the shooter could’ve entered the gate on the first base line and had us all caged. There was no way off the field. So I tell you, I can’t say enough about the work they did," he told Arizona reporters. "Had Steve Scalise not been there and he is the only one who has a security detail because he’s in leadership, this could’ve been really really bad. It would’ve been a massacre.”

Despite what happened, Flake said he feels safe and plans to play in tomorrow's congressional charity baseball game.

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