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Rep. Scalise undergoes third surgery, fellow Rep. Richmond gives update

(Source: Rob Masson / FOX 8 Photo) (Source: Rob Masson / FOX 8 Photo)

Congressman Steve Scalise is in surgery for a third time at a Washington, D.C. hospital.

Scalise was shot in the hip Wednesday morning while practicing for a Congressional baseball game.

Congressman Cedric Richmond, who is pitching in Thursday night's game is expected to give an update on Scalise's condition at 3:30 p.m.

A former congressman who formerly held the seat now held by Scalise says his condition is serious.

Bob Livingston, now a Washington lobbyist, says the political climate in America is troubling and he worries about his friend.

Scalise is spending his second day at MedSTAR Washington Hospital where another surgery is expected.

Scalise had two surgeries Wednesday after being shot in the hip by 66-year-old James Hodgkinson who was then killed by Capitol police.

It is not clear how much damage the bullet did, but doctors say such wounds can be serious if they impact vital organs.

Close friends say they are confident Scalise will pull through.

“It's not easy,” Livingston said. “He was hit by a high-power bullet from a rifle shot by a wacko. But that guy was trying to conduct a political assassination of Republicans. It could've been Democrats but Steve was the prime target.”

MedSTAR hospital has not issued an update on Scalise’s condition last night when they said he was in critical but stable condition.

Doctors said the bullet traveled across his pelvis fracturing bones and injured internal organs, causing the loss of a lot of blood.

Doctors also said Scalise needed at several transfusions.

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