Superfan JJ Robertson celebrates recovery at Baby Cakes' 'JJ NIght'

J.J. Robertson makes first appreance since liver transplant

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Saints Superfan J.J. Robertson is continuing to spread his message of perseverance across New Orleans. Next month, the sports world will be honoring J.J. with a special award.

In just 15 years, J.J. has been through 13 surgeries and two liver transplants. Six weeks after receiving a new liver, the Saints Superfan said he's feeling great.

"I'm getting taller and my hair is growing out. I got eyebrow hair now - never had that. So I'm feeling awesome," he said.

It's that personality that led ESPN to award JJ the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at this year's ESPYs. Saints quarterback Drew Brees said JJ has earned it.

"He's had the chance to do a lot of things here over the last six months as people have heard his story and had a chance to just be around, and he's got an infectious personality, so I'm really, really happy for him," Brees said.

And In what could be a first, JJ already signed with the Saints and signed a deal to be a Baby Cake for a day.

Tonight is JJ Night at the ballpark to celebrate his recovery and raise awareness for what made it possible.

"Some people are very passive when it comes to organ donation, and the reality is when it strikes you in the face, it makes you realize how important it is," said Cookie Rojas, senior vice president and general manager of the New Orleans Baby Cakes. "We hope that today's press conference and having JJ with us today will bring attention to the need for people to bring organ donors."

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