LSU's 'shoe game' strong in Omaha

LSU shoe game

(WVUE) - The Tigers got their first taste of TD Ameritrade Park this afternoon... keeping with their tradition of a fun, loose practice the day before games. One freshman in particular, Josh Smith, known for his worn down, war-torn cleats, was even rocking a fresh pair.

"I got these yesterday. Y'all will still see my old kicks in the game. I still haven't cleaned them. They're good luck, so we'll see how it goes," said LSU freshman Josh Smith.

"We all got those kicks. I still got the kicks that nobody else has," replied a smiling Kramer Robertson. "I'm still the leader in the clubhouse with the shoe game."

"He's got 100 pairs of shoes. These are my turf shoes from now on. So if y'all want to get a look at those anytime, I'll probably be wearing these from now on," said Smith.

"He didn't really like it when he got called out at the SEC Tournament. He was like, why? My cleats are dirty. They're supposed to be dirty," laughed senior Cole Freeman. "They're supposed to be dirty. I'm like dude you're not Kramer Robertson. You're not supposed to have cleats every other game. He got some new cleats to celebrate, I guess, coming to Omaha."

But if Smith does keep his old cleats, I don't think anyone will be complaining. In five NCAA Tournament games, he's batting .462 with four RBI.

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