Dozens show support for Scalise as business of the House goes on

Dozens show support for Scalise as business of the House goes on

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Dozens of people turned out in Steve Scalise's district to give blood in his name.

The turnout has been large for Scalise, and as doctors continue to monitor his progress, the business of the U.S. House of Representatives goes on.

"When I saw the email, I just scheduled right away," said Luke Jones.

Jones was by no means alone, as people from across the metro area turned out to give - among them, the head of the state Republican Party.

"I know people who have seen him. He's got a great attitude, but it's a serious condition, and thank God he's doing better," said state GOP Chairman Roger Villere.

More than 100 people have given blood in Scalise's name, which far more than he needs. But the donations are not in vain.

"Right now we're looking at a day or two day supply of blood, and we are looking at storms in the Gulf right now. If it comes close, that will deplete the supply, and drives like these make a difference," said Paul Adams with the Blood Center.

Among those giving blood, are those who know Scalise after years of serving as an elected representative.

"We've all known him for years, and we are pleased that we could do something," said donor Joyce Delery with Engle and Volkers real estate.

While everyone is pulling for a speedy recovery for Scalise, Congress remains in session and the business of the House goes on. In 2014, Scalise named Congressman Patrick McHenry of North Carolina deputy whip.

"In the case when you're missing the have the deputy whip...and the deputy whip does the job of the whip and reaches out to congressmen and asks how they are going to vote," Villere said.

As friends wait for the latest medical update, they say Scalise's progress is good.

"For Father's Day he talked to the kids and watched the LSU game," said Villere.

But they know more operations are likely, and they're giving blood to help a friend in need.

The head of the state Republican Party said he hasn't been able to talk with Scalise directly, but he said those who have say he's got a great attitude and appears to be doing better. Another blood drive for Scalise is set for Friday at Rummel High.

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