Red Cross gets ready for tropical weather

Red Cross gets ready for tropical weather

(WVUE) - The American Red Cross is preparing its workers and resources ahead of a potential threat of tropical weather.

"Our Red Cross disaster specialists and leadership are monitoring the storm closely and are ready to assist," said Joshua Joachim, chief executive of the Red Cross in Louisiana. "We urge our neighbors to take care now to prepare their families and connect with their neighbors: Build a kit, make a plan, stay informed."

The Red Cross urges everyone to develop a plan with the families should a storm threaten. The group says talk ahead time to your children to help reduce their fear.

Residents are reminded to set up a communication plan now. Discuss how you will communicate should phone lines and cell towers go down.

The Red Cross suggests emergency kits should be supplied with at least three days worth of food, water, medications, important documents, clothing, a crank radio, backup chargers for phones, etc. The group also wants to make sure you don't forget to prepare an emergency kit for your pet.

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