Cindy severely damages Grand Isle burrito levee

Cindy severely damages Grand Isle burrito levee

GRAND ISLE, LA (WVUE) - Tropical Storm Cindy is hundreds of miles away, but it is still wreaking havoc on portions of South Louisiana.

LA 1 was covered with water below Golden Meadow, and Grand Isle sustained a lot of damage. The damage to the burrito levee is severe. Where there were rocks, the levee is intact, but a 500-yard section has been ripped away, and only half the levee remains standing.

"You can see where there was rock we're good, but 1,400 feet is damaged and the tube is exposed," said Mayor David Camardelle. "Not only that, but water backed up on about 40 city streets, causing damage to some businesses."

Officials are somewhat stunned to see this much damage to the levee, especially since we are just beginning the hurricane season. Camardelle said he will need more rock, more sand and more money to bolster the levee to protect the vital western side of the island.

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