Tidal surge still a concern for low-lying coastal Jefferson Parish

Lafitte keeps wary eye on tidal surge

JEFFERSON PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Flooding is still very much a concern for people living in low-lying coastal Jefferson Parish.

Lafitte isn't out of the woods yet, and the main concern tonight and tomorrow is tidal surge.

Water covers the road in lower Lafitte, and you'll find similar sights in Crown Point and Barataria. All three sit in low-lying coastal Jefferson Parish outside of the hurricane protection levee system.

Mayor Tim Kerner said they haven't had any water in homes yet, but it's close in some places. Crews have been working to sandbag vulnerable areas.

"Well again, I mean, you know, if it gets any closer, if we get any more water on the road around Goose Bridge and on the Barataria side that we may have to call for a voluntary evacuation because it's going to be where people can't pass or get in or out, so we are watching it very carefully," he said. "We don't want to do it if you can make it, but we don't want to put anyone in danger also. So watch close. We gonna be sandbagging. We're going to be watching areas and making sure that we keep as much water out of homes as possible. And again just be very careful and be ready to go if you need to."

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