Kramer Robertson's hair is here to stay

Kramer Robertson's hair is here to stay

OMAHA, NE (WVUE) - Kramer Robertson's blonde hair is here to stay, at least while the Tigers are in Omaha. Believe it or not, it wasn't even his idea to dye it blonde (I believe it).

Now, for the sake of their national championship pursuit, he'll keep wearing it.

"It's not my favorite look I've ever had," says Robertson. "I've been the center for a lot of jokes, but most of them are pretty funny. I've taken a lot of heat for it. It's all good as long as it helps us win."

But Robertson's hairstyle, along with the new looks for several of the other Tigers, didn't amuse head coach Paul Mainieri as much as did the fans. Following Wednesday night's win over Florida State, he said Robertson's hair would be back to its normal color on Thursday.

It was not, thanks to some persuasion from Mainieri's family.

"My brother is a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force," says Mainieri. "They're all sitting there telling me, 'You're an old fuddy dud. Why can't you just let them wear their hair however they want? If they think it helps them, and it helps with team bonding, let them do it.' It was like 10 against one."

Mainieri says the team was elated to hear the news.

"I sent a text message to the players around midnight and said, 'OK, my wife chewed me out,'" says Mainieri. "I've caved in. You guys can wear your hair however your want."

He says the team replied almost immediately with excitement about the decision. We'll see if it's really working when they square off with Oregon State again on Friday.

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