Strong wind and waves remain along the coast even as Cindy weakens

Strong wind and waves remain along the coast even as Cindy weakens

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WVUE) - In between the rainy spell, people took their shot at enjoying the beach along the Mississippi Gulf Coast on Thursday.

Some can't believe the tropics have already headed up.

"Yes, ma'am I'm, I'm very surprised that we are having this like this," said Eureka Laneaux of nearby Waveland.

In the Harbor Drive area, tides turned streets into lakes. It wasn't the only location.

Along Highway 603, businesses were feeling the effects of the impassable streets.

Hancock County Emergency Management Director Brian Adams said as of late Thursday afternoon, 312 streets were flooded.

Businesses owners said their stores have taken a hit.

"Tremendous, people couldn't make it to our businesses. Nobody would drive down here, especially when the road has two, three feet of water," said David Babineau, owner of David's Jeeps and Exhaust.

He pondered whether major post-Katrina flood protection upgrades miles away may be making things worse in some areas.

"I've lived here my whole life. I've never seen water, this much water, just keep on coming and coming. Every year it gets worse," he said.

"I went to one of my jobs to see if I could get through. I couldn't get in at all. So I went to another job, the road was closed, all the way closed down," said Joseph Morano.

So Morano and his daughter took advantage of the streets under water. They pulled out their fishing gear.

"It's good for fishing around this area when the water comes up like this. It definitely is," he said.

While others relished the breeze coming off the Gulf,

"She's kicking up winds, but it feels so good out here, it really does, and I hope she passes over us," said Laneaux.

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