Town of Jean Lafitte calls for voluntary evacuation

Town of Jean Lafitte calls for voluntary evacuation

(WVUE) - A south wind started causing big problems for the people of Lafitte around mid-day.

"Actually most or our concerns is always when the storm hits and after because that draws all the south winds and high tide affects us," says Crystal Martin.

Water from Bayou Barataria began flowing onto properties and over Jean Lafitte Boulevard. By noon, a voluntary evacuation was ordered for Lafitte, Crown Point and Barataria.

"If you live in the lower Barataria or if you have to get out of Lower Lafitte you know Goose Bayou north has a foot of water on the road. Lower Barataria has water on the road. If you could get your car out of there or if you could go somewhere, go," says Mayor Tim Kerner.

The flood fight has been going on for a couple of days. Crews are placing large sand bags along Jean Lafitte Boulevard and along the levees of Bayou Barataria.

"It's Bayou Barataira. It goes straight into the Gulf of Mexico. It's rolling in and It's concerning," says Mayor Kerner.

While several families packed up and moved to higher ground, other chose to stay.

"I think the worst is over. We've got high tide, but the wind continues to blow from the south and that's not good for us," says Tom Halko.

High tide for Lafitte happened around 4 o'clock Thursday afternoon.

"My concern right now is we on a little island, and we're surrounded by water. I see the seepage through the levee, and that's what they're trying to fix right now," says Crystal Martin.

They say flooding like today only highlights the need for better levee protection.

"The good news is that every area right now of Lafitte, Barataria and Crown Pointe is under design, They're designing levees for every community, and we already have commitments of 75 million dollars of funding already," says Mayor Kerner.

The people of Lafitte say they're willing to wait.

"It's what we have to deal with. When you live in a little paradise, you have to sacrifice," says Jerry Victoriano.

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