LSU baseball team finds faithful fan at Omaha pediatric hospital

LSU baseball team finds faithful fan at Omaha hospital

(WVUE) - LSU took a break from the beach balls and blonde hair that have highlighted the good times of their stay at the College World Series to bring some joy to a fan already in Omaha long before the tournament began.

Kylie Bush has been in Nebraska Medicine Pediatric Hospital since December as she recovers from her second multi-organ transplant. Before that, Kylie was cheering on the Tigers from Pineville, including her sister who has been a bat girl for the Tigers the last three years. Kylie explains that in addition to her sisters going to LSU, she likes the school, particularly its mascot, because "they're cute and I like they're stripes."

The team spent time with many patients after their Thursday practice and senior second baseman Cole Freeman says it provided the perfect break from preparation "To come here and see all these kids, throwing fastballs, trying to get them by us, having fun with them, it's really cool and puts things in perspective for us how lucky we are."

The Tigers look to extend their stay in Omaha Friday against Oregon State at 2 PM. For more information on Kylie, you can visit the link below:

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