Mandeville Lakefront dries out after flood

Mandeville Lakefront dries out after flood

MANDEVILLE, LA (WVUE) - Businesses on the Lakefront are drying out and reopening after fighting flood water Thursday afternoon.

Crew at the iconic bar Donz, at the corner of Girod and Lakeshore Drive, spent the morning cleaning out the bar and preparing for a normal day after floods filled the bar with nearly a foot of water.

"My father's had the business for 40 years and unfortunately he's seen his fair share of flooding," Kathleen Tassin said. "We are hoping to open the doors today and be back in business for the weekend."

Down the road at The Beach House, employees spent the morning clearing out mud and dirt that swept through the restaurant during lunchtime.

"We got everything up on cinder blocks in time, everything upstairs, so we're good, but were full of dirt, mud, and trash. So we're going to be pressure washing all day and getting everything cleaned up for tonight," Aimee Cutter, who owns the restaurant, said.

While the cleanup may be daunting, the folks on the lakefront know it's a small price to pay for a slice of paradise.

"We'll take it, we love it here. We do good business here so a little rain, a little water, we're good to go," Cutter said.

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