NOPD releases scant information after at least 7 interstate shootings in 6 months

Woman talks about being shot at on interstate

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - At least seven times this year, the interstate system in New Orleans has been the scene of a shooting, according to NOPD's online records.

Last month, a woman, man and child were hospitalized after someone shot up their car on I-10 near the Superdome, and on Sunday a portion of I-10 was closed after a drive-by shooting near the Orleans Avenue exit.

The shootings span the length of the entire city from the Jefferson Parish line to New Orleans East.

"They're high-profile incidents, and it catches everyone's attention and raises the fear level," Loyola Criminologist George Capowich said. "The problem is you don't really know until you know the details of case. You don't know whether it's somebody chasing somebody down in retaliation."

Capowich pointed out interstate shootings are not only a New Orleans problem. This month a 21-year-old man was arrested in Arizona after police say he shot at 11 cars in a two-week span.

The NOPD has released little information about the interstate shootings, and investigators have not disclosed if they believe the victims were targeted or if the attacks were random.

"If you've got two cars, it's over in a split second. There's not much to do. Yeah, it was a black car and that is about's hard to ever do anything about it," Capowich said.

"The bullet holes were aimed back at me in the passenger seat," Katie Dixon said. "If they would have missed me, they would have hit my oldest daughter in the seat behind the drivers seat."

Dixon said her family's vehicle was shot up Tuesday near the Highrise Bridge in New Orleans East as they traveled back home to Mississippi. Two bullets were lodged in the family's car door. Dixon said the entire ordeal was unprovoked as their vehicle hydroplaned in the wet weather next to another car.

"My girls were so scared. When I say huge [bullet holes], they were huge," she said. "I don't know if they came from that car or from someone on the side of the road."

That unknown frightens some drivers.

"It's very scary. My husband is also a truck driver and he's constantly on the interstate five days a week, and it's just so sad," New Orleans resident Patricia Lassair said.

But others said they will continue to travel the interstate and are not afraid of driving through the city.

"These things happen. It doesn't really worry me that much. I'm not concerned about it. I mean, I wish it didn't happen, but I'm not going to stop using the interstate because of that," New Orleans resident Ken Kussman said.

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