Witness describes fatal police chase scene on Chef Menteur

Witness describes fatal police chase scene on Chef Menteur

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A witness describes what she saw as a fatal police chase unfolded before her eyes. It started on Canal Street Wednesday afternoon and ended with three people dead, including a toddler.

Heather Foster heard the crash then ran outside. She couldn't believe what she saw next.

"I seen a white car flying down this way, swerving in and out of traffic," said Foster.

State Police say 21-year-old Kenneth Davis was running from troopers with his 2-year-old daughter and a male passenger in the car. The chase started at Canal and Rampart when State Police spotted a stolen license plate on the car. It ended on Chef Menteur Highway in New Orleans East.

What Foster heard was Davis hitting a truck on Chef Highway then losing control of the car.

"He gets a little bit further down when he loses control and all I seen was the police officers flying around. It was just really shocking to me that he hit that building that hard. He lost half of his car right here though, like half the car was tore up," said Foster.

Two-year-old Ivory Washington and the male passenger were killed after they were ejected from the car. State Police say Davis then committed suicide.

"I heard, it sounded like a gunshot, but I just thought it was parts of the car, I didn't know that he had shot himself," said Foster.

"It was a stolen license plate, nothing else, it wasn't a robber, or a killer or a kidnapper, it was a license plate and now our baby is dead, because they pursued this guy, we have no idea why he ran from police," said the toddler's great grandmother, Alice Joseph.

But, State Police say they did everything they could to prevent the chase, and because of the tinted windows on the car, they had no way of knowing a child was in the back seat.

"He had no idea how many occupants were in the vehicle so, again, this was a tragic situation and were all hurt by it, also and our hearts go out to the family and to the mother because it is absolutely heartbreaking," said Louisiana State Police spokeswoman Trooper Melissa Matey.

State Police still haven't confirmed the identity of the male passenger yet. Investigators are looking into why Davis ran from police.

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