Must Ya?: MS man adds mustard to crawfish boil, Facebook goes crazy

Yep, he's tossing boiled crawfish in mustard

(WVUE) - Ross LeBlanc is a proud St. Bernard Parish native. What he was subjected to this past weekend should happen to no one from Louisiana.

One of his good friends decided to have a crawfish boil for his birthday. The man, who we have chosen not to identify for his own good, did something many would call freakish.

He tossed the crawfish in mustard in a large cooler.

LeBlanc, who promises "no one from Louisiana participated in making this happen," said he tried to talk him out of it.

But his friend from Mississippi wasn't having it. He found the recipe somewhere on the internet. Add this to your list of banned Google searches: Mustard Crawfish.

As Bishop Bullwinkel once famously said, "Hell to the naw."

The disturbing crawfish video, posted to Facebook on June 24, already has more than 420,000 views and almost 3,000 shares.

LeBlanc said the crawfish weren't too bad because the mustard didn't affect the taste of the meat. And a crawfish boil is always fun when your friends are around.

But, would you try it?

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