FOX 8 Exclusive: Widow of murdered armored truck employee talks for the first time

FOX 8 Exclusive: Widow of murdered armored truck employee talks for the first time

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - For the first time, we hear from the widow of an armored truck employee who was murdered last month in Mid City.

"It is a nightmare I can't wake up from," said Erika McBride.

McBride says she doesn't know where to go from here. Her best friend and husband of nine years was gunned down while simply trying to do his job.

"I talked to him every day for the last nine years - actually 10 years now," said McBride. "He was my everything, and not a day goes by that we didn't talk."

Jimmy McBride, 33, was killed on May 31 at the Campus Federal Credit Union on Tulane Avenue. He was ambushed by two gunmen while servicing an ATM. McBride's partner returned fire, but the gunmen got away.

Now, the FBI is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. McBride's widow tells us she's frustrated that the people responsible for taking her husband's life are still out there.

"Somebody needs to be brought to justice and somebody needs to be held accountable for their mistakes that cost my husband his life," said McBride. "If anybody knows anything please speak up, let the police or the FBI, just let them know, because, Jim was a good person. He didn't deserve it."

McBride's widow says she'd like to speak with investigators about the case. But she doesn't want to come to New Orleans because she's too scared to.

"I don't, because there is so much crime. Am I going to get robbed driving into the city? I read one day someone was getting shot on I-10 and it keeps happening and freaking me out, and I don't want to be driving in the city and have bullet holes flying through my vehicle. It is sad, you know?" said McBride.

McBride had only been with Loomis for about a month at the time of his death. His wife says he was always safe and was a fighter who had survived a brain tumor three years ago.

"Yeah he has been a fighter. He's my protector, he's a fighter. He's just a good, kind spirit. That is all I'm really going to discuss honestly, just because it is hard to think about right now," said McBride.

Now the couple will never get to enjoy the future they planned together.

"We raised our animals together and we talked about starting a family when we got settled," said McBride."He is a gentle giant, he is my everything."

We reached out to the FBI about the case. A spokesman says at this time they have no comment. A Loomis representative says they are cooperating with law enforcement.

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