Welcome: 49 new citizens take the oath

New citizens sworn in

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Dozens of people become U.S. citizens every day.

But Monday's naturalization ceremony at the World War II museum was extra special for the newest Americans.

Forty-nine people from 25 different countries became U.S. citizens Monday morning, just in time for America's birthday Tuesday.

The candidates for citizenship swore to support and defend the Constitution before they were officially declared Americans.

The ceremony marks the end of the immigrant journey for the newly minted Americans.

For some, that journey lasted just a few years. But one woman came from Nigeria to New Orleans nearly 40 years ago. She decided this was the year to make it official.

"There are so many things that if you are a citizen you can do but if you're a permanent resident you cannot do things," said Angela Agochukwu. "So I just wanted to become a citizen so that I can really feel that I'm full. You know? This is my home."

"I feel complete and I'm happy and I can go out there and do even more than what I've been doing," Agochukwu said.

Across the country, 65 other ceremonies are taking place, welcoming more than 15,000 new citizens to the fold.

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