NOPD investigates 7 carjackings in 6 days

NOPD investigates 7 carjackings in 6 days

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - "Usually I feel more unsafe on the other side of campus," says Vinaya Nachampassas.

At Palmer and Lasalle Streets, steps away from Loyola's campus, police say an armed man carjacked a 57-year-old woman early Thursday morning.

"It's weird that it happened so close, because you feel safe on campus, especially because there's the campus police," says Nachampassas.

The carjacking happened at 2 a.m. Loyola police did respond to the call and even sent out a bulletin to warn everyone on campus.

The victim was a parishioner who was headed to pray at the Adoration Chapel on Lasalle Street. According to the NOPD, the gunman demanded the woman get out of her car and leave her purse behind.

"Every day it's something, every day," says Emerson Picou.

Just this month, there have been seven carjackings in six days. Three of them were in New Orleans East.

"He went to the corner, then the second corner and came back. He pulled out a gun and said, get out of the car," says a victim.

In one case, a gunman carjacked a woman and two children off of Morrison Road. The woman was able to get one of the kids out of the vehicle, but the gunman took off with a 2-year-old boy in the backseat.

"I ran around the corner and I kept telling him to give me my baby, and he just turned the corner," says the victim.

The carjacker eventually put the toddler out of the car a few blocks away.

Early Saturday morning, a man and his mother became victims in the 49 hundred block of South Liberty.

"They were coming home around 1 in the morning, and the gentlemen jumped out and pulled a gun on them," says the victim's sister-in- law.

The woman says her brother-in-law and his mother were caught off guard.

"They were unaware that anyone was even following them," says victim's sister-in-law.

Police say two gunmen approached both sides of the vehicle and demanded their property and car keys. The victims complied and the robbers took off.

"It's almost like everybody in this neighborhood is family, and it's just hurtful," Emerson Picou.

Neighbors say it's an area where crime doesn't usually happen, and they worry about what it could mean in the future.

"Something's got to be done. Maybe we should have police on every block if that's what it takes. Measures will have to get a little more extreme because you're dealing with extreme people out here," says Picou

It's unclear if any of these carjackings were committed by the same people. Police, though are searching for those responsible. If you know anything that could help call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

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