Booze bandit hits Mid-City wine shop

Booze bandit hits Mid-City wine shop

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The Pearl Wine Company on Orleans near Bayou St. John is dealing with a repeat customer they don't appreciate - a booze bandit.

The thief was caught on camera multiple times, wearing different disguises, while they stuff top-shelf bottles of liquor into the bottom of their purse.

On Thursday the thief showed up again, this time wearing a wig, and tried to take a bottle of tequila.

"They came in and they were attempting to steal a bottle of tequila, and when they went to put it in their bag they missed their bag and it fell on the floor and broke," said Leora Madden, owner of Pearl Wine Co.

Madden said after trying to convince the clerk it was just an innocent accident, the thief grabbed a bottle of vodka and tried to act like a regular customer before Madden recognized the thief's bag and tried to confront them.

"I recognize the bag first and I could tell that they were in a different kind of disguise but that it was the same person," Madden said.

Madden chased the thief out of the store, but they got away, but not before she says they ran into a car in the neighborhood.

She thinks the thief is working with a group of people, at times trying to distract the clerk while the other person steals the liquor.

She hopes now, after chasing the thief away, the brazen booze bandit's burglaries won't hang over her store anymore.

"We have your picture, your video, the make and model of the car, we know that you fled the scene of a hit-and-run yesterday. We're going to catch you," Madden said.

If you have information that can help with an arrest, contact NOPD.

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