Bachelorette party from Iowa gets more than bargained for after Treme violence

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - New Orleans police say a man who body slammed another man in Treme Saturday morning, is recovering from three gunshot wounds, after the victim, turned the tables.

At this point, no charges have been filed, in an incident that hit close to home, for a group of Iowa women, in town to celebrate an upcoming wedding.

In a Treme block which is slowly converting to  'Air BnB's' . ...a bizarre incident at two this morning.

"I heard a bang thought it was ghost, then I heard two more bangs, and someone saying, 'Let me in let me in'," said visitor Elizabeth Thompson.

The group  found themselves in a woodframe house, in the middle of a shooting scene, in the 1300 block of Ursuline.

"It was really scary," said Thompson.

Police say a man was walking in the block, when he was body slammed by someone else.  The victim, who was carrying a weapon, then fired at the attacker, just outside.

"I heard three gunshots and then woke up, and called 911," said Thompson.

Police say the victim feared for his life, as he chased the suspect, and fired at him, striking him three times.

"I don't think any of us expected this to be this close to  home," said Adrianna Herdaez, the bride to be. None of this is what she expected when she chose New Orleans for her party.

"I didn't like the whole Vegas party scene, I wanted something more about the culture," Herdaez said.

In spite of the violence, all but one of the visitors say they are having a good time in the city.  But tonight, they say, they will be more careful.

"We walked home last night, and that changed my perspective. I would take an Uber home," said attendee Kim Burkhead.

They also say they will stay in a group, and watch out for their surroundings, at all times.

New Orleans police say the man firing the shots, had a concealed weapons permit, and was not arrested.

The shooting victim,  was taken to the hospital, his condition unknown.

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