Fairgrounds area armed robbery thwarted by two dogs

Fairgrounds area armed robbery thwarted by two dogs

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A would-be robbery victim Friday night, is crediting her two dogs, with thwarting an armed robber.

She says she was pulling up in front of her home around 8:30 Friday night, in the 2900 block of Grand Route St John in the Fairgrounds neighborhood.

That's when she says she was approached by a man wearing a ski mask, who demanded she give him all her money.

"He asked it again, I clutched my purse tight, and said no...and in the same motion I pulled the handle of my back door open, and said in the most devilish voice, for my dogs to sic em," said the victim.

Neighbors like Julie Kinler were glad no one was hurt.

"It's overwhelming," said Kinler.

The would- be victim says the robber, fled toward Gentilly Boulevard, after her dogs jumped from the car.

She says the robber, was about 5'6" tall, with a slight build, wearing dark clothes.

And she says he was armed with a semi automatic pistol with an ammunition clip.

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