Derrius Guice embraces new offense, new leadership role

Derrius Guice embraces new offense, new leadership role

HOOVER, AL (WVUE) - Going through two offensive coordinators in high school, playing slot receiver in the Army All-American Bowl, and preparing to play under his third offensive coordinator in college, Derrius Guice remains productive no matter what he's asked to do.

"When you're an athlete, you can go all around the field," says Guice. "I wish I could play defense right now. I'll come down and knock some heads off."

That's the attitude that's made him a weapon whether he's in a pro offense, spread or playing special teams.

"I love this game," says Guice. "I could play kicker if they need me to. I just want to play. Where they need me at, that's where I'm going."

However, that's still not enough to stop the comparisons that will made between Guice and Leonard Fournette all season long.

"I had a great time learning form him as he was here," says Guice. "I learned a lot from him. I taught him a lot of things that I didn't recognize until he told me. The main thing that guy taught me was to grow up fast."

And that was very clear throughout the vast amounts of questions that came his way in Hoover. He's taken a humble approach to the lofty expectations and Heisman Trophy talk, while also embracing his new role as a team leader.

But if you do insist on putting him head to head against Fournette, at least in Matt Canada's offense, head coach Ed Orgeron leans toward Guice.

"He has great change of direction," says Orgeron. "He makes it hard to be tackled one on one. I think if you spread the defense out enough, Derrius will have a lot of one-on-one's with linebackers and safeties, and he'll win that battle most of the time. So he may be the better spread back."

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