Ed Orgeron inspiring players in first summer

(WVUE) - Ed Orgeron provided the change in leadership that LSU needed in 2016 to turn their 2-2 start into a 6-2 finish and now, he has a full head of steam heading into his first full season as head coach of the Tigers.

His players remain inspired by the Louisiana native's fiery spirit and work ethic, according to senior defensive lineman Christian LaCouture. "I just think when you get up everyday knowing he's bringing that passion and fire, sometimes in the morning he'll be there working out before us so it just kind of fuels us to know that 'Wow, he's in there working to make sure we're ready to go.' And you're ready go and play for a guy like that," said LaCouture.

Junior running back Derrius Guice burst onto the scene at the end of the year due to Leonard Fournette's ankle injury and thinks the rapport Orgeron built with the team during the season will carry over to 2017. "Having him as the head coach at the back end of the season last year helped a lot, not many changes were made because Coach O is consistent, that's what I like about him so what we got used to last year is what we're still doing now and it's not that big of a change so that's a guy that brings a lot of great energy and passion to the sport, he acts like he's one of us, he's active in the plays," said Guice. "Some times he even gets hit on plays because he's so active in the plays running back and forth with us doing conditioning, he's just a great guy on and off the field."

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