Junior Galette's accuser said to suffer from PTSD

Junior Galette's accuser said to suffer from PTSD

GRETNA, LA (WVUE) - The civil court trial of former New Orleans Saints player Junior Galette resumed Tuesday morning with the cross-examination of the woman alleging the abuse.

When Galette's attorney, Ralph Whalen, asked the plaintiff if she realized this would be high-profile trial that could bring harm to Galette, she said yes. When asked if that was what she wanted, she answered no.

Whalen said "there are some other pretty startling allegations" in the original lawsuit implicating "other Saints players" of molesting the plaintiff. In the original suit, which was later dropped, she asserted six other Saints players witnessed acts against her.

Galette's accuser began crying on the stand under harsh cross-examination from Whalen.

That cross examination was paused for the testimony of psychologist Dr. Rafael Salcedo, called as an expert witness to prove the cost of the treatment she needed.

Salcedo began treating the plaintiff in November of 2015, 10 months after incident. Salcedo testified his patient showed signs of post traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD) including detailed nightmares. Salcedo said his patient could not stop thinking about what happened and showed signs of anxiety. At length, Salcedo testified about his patient's mental state, comparing it to other PTSD and self-esteem cases.

Salcedo said at one point, she attempted suicide.

During Salcedo's testimony, the accuser sat with her lawyers, head down, quietly crying.

Galette shook his head and whispered to his lawyer.

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