Testimony in Junior Galette case boils down to 'he said, she said'

Testimony in Junior Galette case boils down to 'he said, she said'

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Former New Orleans Saint Junior Galette testified Tuesday that the woman who is suing him for civil damages is lying in court.

Galette testified that the woman who is suing him is making up her allegations and that he never had any negative physical contact with her.

Galette said that the incident in January 2015 is the primary reason he was released by the Saints. He told jurors he was only involved in a friendship with the plaintiff.

The plaintiff also took the stand Tuesday. She testified Galette forced her to get a job at a strip club and give the earnings to him. Galette disputed that claim and showed a text he allegedly sent to her telling her to go back to school and stop dancing. The plaintiff also alleged that Galette would force her to do drugs and perform inappropriate acts on other members of the Saints.

The plaintiff said that Galette and his cousin abused her in 2015. The Kenner police officer who was the first to arrive at the scene two years ago said when he approached the plaintiff that day, her ear was bleeding, she had scratches on her face and her clothes were ripped.

Galette's attorney played a video for the courtroom that shows the plaintiff with a knife after the alleged incident pleading for Galette and another man to let her use her phone or call 911, but both men refused, telling her to get out of the house.

The criminal charges against Galette were dropped by the Jefferson Parish district attorney. The latest is a civil case where the plaintiff is seeking damages.

A doctor testified that because of the alleged 2015 incident, the plaintiff suffered PTSD and that treatment is costly.

During both of their testimonies, Galette and the plaintiff agreed both were involved sexually at various times during their two-year relationship, but when a woman, who said she was Galette's girlfriend and at the Kenner home during the 2015 incident, took the stand, she told the courtroom the plaintiff and Galette would never sleep together.

The woman also testified the plaintiff was irate that day and demanded money from Galette to get home.

The ex-girlfriend also told the courtroom she and Galette remain close and he tells her everything, but during her cross examination, she testified Galette has one child when in fact he has two.

Currently, Galette is a member of the Washington Redskins, but he has not seen the playing field since his 2014 season with the Saints.

Galette's attorney is expected to call up to more witnesses on his client's behalf.

The trial will resume Wednesday around 9 a.m.

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