Jury rules against plaintiff in Junior Galette case

Junior Galette civil trial

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The jury in the Junior Galette civil trial reached a verdict late Wednesday afternoon, ruling against the plaintiff.

A woman accused the former Saints player of physically and mentally abusing her in 2015 and she was seeking monetary damages.

"It was money. It is what it is," Galette said after the verdict was announced. "I just have to do a better job surrounding myself with better people. This was a lesson for me. A tough one. This was the incident that got me out of here because I met with the coaches maybe a week after this, and basically had gotten the message that I was about to be released."

The trial lasted three days, during which the jury heard from the defendant, his best friend Terrence Banks and the woman who filed the civil suit, among others.

The woman was seeking damages for what she described as an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. The lawsuit stemmed from a 2015 incident at Galette's Kenner home. Part of the incident was recorded by Galette himself. The woman claimed she was beaten and abused and was seeking damages for emotional and physical distress.

A doctor testified during the trial that the woman suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome and said the treatment is expensive. The woman's attorney told the jury they were seeking funds to get medical treatment for the next three years, which is about $60,000 a year.

Both Galette and Banks denied the woman's allegations on the stand.

During closing arguments, Galette's attorney told the jury, "They've got a lot of the case in a client that has lied to them and lied to you."

The woman's attorney told the jury, "There is no doubt, this lady is a victim of domestic violence."

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