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Morten Andersen critical of Saints' handling of his departure

Source: Edwin Goode, FOX 8 Source: Edwin Goode, FOX 8
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At the beginning of August, Morten Andersen will be enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a member of the Saints but speaking via conference call about his career Wednesday, Andersen was critical of the franchise.

Andersen was asked by an Atlanta-based reporter about his move to the Falcons revitalizing his career after the Saints did not re-sign him.

"My situation in New Orleans was more salary cap related, a financial consideration, really," said Andersen. "I know other reasons were given, but I think the bottom line was it was a salary cap consideration. But there's no question that when you look at stats, numbers, change is always sometimes very healthy for a player. Although the separation from the Saints to the Falcons was very quick and abrupt and distasteful in many ways, I do think that I grew up and refocused with renewed vigor and enthusiasm and passion for the game and continued to play at a very high level."

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