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Colorful character announces mayoral run with end-the-violence rap video

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This man is running for mayor. He's running, running, running, running, running for mayor, according to his rap video, which actually has some catchy moments.

And there's just one plank in the platform of visual artist and activist Charles O. Anderson: Stopping the killings. According to his website:

"Over the next 4 years (2018-2022), I propose that the city of New Orleans create a city-wide, street-level violence intervention program that will cover the majority of hotspots of gun violence on New Orleans’ streets. The violence intervention program will use street-credible, skillfully trained, highly effective violence interrupters to stop potentially violent interactions before they become deadly."

Anderson said his life's work became clear after he saw a 2007 city-wide march to end gun violence. 

Qualifying for the mayoral election began Wednesday morning.

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