Coach Orgeron: 'The benchmark is to beat Alabama'

HOOVER, AL (WVUE) - The last three seasons at LSU, the Tigers could only muster 8-5,9-3, and 8-4 records. That's above average numbers, but not national power material. Coach Ed Orgeron is trying to end the mediocre run for the Purple and Gold, and he laid out that blueprint at SEC Media Days in Hoover.

"Always competing for the SEC championship. Always in the national championship hunt," said LSU Head Coach  Ed Orgeron. "That's the expectation of LSU. You're not going to do it every year, but you always need to be in the hunt."

If you want to hunt for a national title, you need to get through the Tide. Alabama owns a six-game winning streak over LSU.

"It's clear at every school I've been to that you need to beat your rivalry team," said Orgeron. "We haven't beaten them in six years. I will say this to you, close isn't good enough, but we battled last year for three quarters. That's not good enough. I do believe that if we make some minor adjustments, and major adjustments on offense, if we can blow out the guys up front and move the ball. We can hang with them toe-to-toe, and win a close game, I do believe that."

Coach O will need talent to change the tide in the Alabama series. That starts with closing the borders, and keeping the four and five star recruits in Louisiana.

"LSU has had a history of keeping their players in-state, and those guys coming and having success. Obviously Alabama is coming in and taking guys out of our state. We have to stop them, and we're doing everything legally to stop them. Eventually we will, but obviously the benchmark is to beat Alabama. To do that we have to keep our players at home. We have work to do. Give credit to Coach Saban he does a great job recruiting. His guys do a great job recruiting. I do believe that eventually we'll stop the bleeding. We'll get guys to stay at LSU, but we need to beat them. We need to win championships, so they can stay home to win championships," said Orgeron.

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