Four national titles at Alabama and Saban is still eyeing more

Saban kills all talk of a QB controversy

HOOVER, AL (WVUE) - Nick Saban's program at Alabama can be described by one word, winners. Entering his 11th season with the Tide, he's amassed four national titles. He's still racking up top-five recruiting classes, and there's no sign the Tide train will be derailed anytime soon.

"Flexibility is very important to continue aspiring to create a standard. Not leave it the same, or keep it the same all the time," said Saban. "Look, everybody has to play to their strengths. If you got 26 guys out there throwing fastballs, don't lose it in the bottom of the ninth throwing changeups. We have a philosophy, and that doesn't change. But how we implement that philosophy changes quite a bit to benefit the players opportunity to be successful personally, academically, and athletically."

But at the hint of controversy, Saban can quickly go on the defensive like no other. A reporter asked at SEC Media Days about a quarterback controversy, that talk ended quickly.

"You're the only one saying that. You're trying to create it right now. I've never said that," said a combative Saban. "I don't know who's saying that. It's like me saying somebody is going to have a hurricane outside today. Is that right or wrong. I just said it, so does that mean I created something. That makes everyone panic, and create news.You get people out there excited, interested, and afraid. We have a lot competition a lot of positions, and we're going to play the best players."

If the QB spot isn't delivering for Saban, he can always lean on Alabama's stable of running backs led by Bo Scarbrough.

"There's a lot of competition at that position, and there's only one ball. So they all can't run it at the same time. I think it's a challenge for each one of those guys to develop. Fortunately we have some guys at that position that our different styles of players. Which makes it easier to create roles for those players. Hopefully the competition is going to make each player better. It's the position that has the shortest shelf life in the NFL because of injuries. So that depth is something beneficial to our team long term," said Saban.

Losing to Clemson last season in the national title game showed Alabama isn't invincible. There's too many top-notch programs looking to slay the might Tide, and Saban is well aware of this.

"When you climb a mountain very few people get to the top. Those who get the top rarely stay on top. So to me the lesson in all that is you better keep climbing. You can never be complacent, you can never be satisfied. Just because you make it to one goal in one season, only means the challenges are going to be greater in the future because you become the target," said Saban.

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