Alvin Gentry plans to start Rajon Rondo

(WVUE) - The Pelicans' signing of Rajon Rondo isn't even official but head coach Alvin Gentry already has detailed plans for the championship-winning point guard.

Gentry spoke Tuesday to the Dunc & Holder radio show about how the team decided to pursue Rondo. "After signing Jrue, that was our top priority getting him back but after re signing Jrue, we also kind of wanted to think about a guy that we could pair with Jrue that is going to help Jrue because not only is Jrue a ball handler but we like his scoring and we like him playing off the ball sometimes so we wanted to try to find a guy that  could complement that and there's no better guy out there than Rondo obviously," said Gentry. "We're excited about having him, I think he's a leader, I think he's a guy that doesn't mind telling other teammates where to be and where they should go and I think it's something we needed."

Not only will Rondo share the floor with Holiday, Gentry plans to start both guards, alongside Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins and Solomon Hill. "I like Jrue off the ball to start the game as a scorer," said Gentry. "I like Rondo being on the floor as a leader and obviously Jrue is going to play some where he's the primary handler. I spoke to Jrue about this at length and I think this is something that can really help us. We wanted to find a guy that can complement that and there's no better guy out there than Rondo. Obviously he's got championship pedigree but he's such a leader, he has the ability to find guys  and make easy baskets for certain players and we thought pairing him with Jrue would be the perfect combination."

The downside to Rondo is the reputation he has developed, most notably in Dallas, as a malcontent in the locker room but Gentry is confident he can quell any issues. "I know Rondo, we spoke at length before we even decided to agree to bring him here or he agreed to come here," said Gentry. "That's not all bad having someone that cares enough that they're willing to speak up and do things like that. I think there are certain things that as a veteran in this league, you earn and I'm fine with the things that he brings to the table for us. I think he's going to be a great leader for us. I think he's going to be a great player on the floor for us. We didn't bring him here to be a mentor, we brought him here to be a player and help us win games so I think that's what he wants to do at this stage in his career. I think he's really excited about that and we're really excited about having him."

In addition to re-signing Holiday and agreeing to terms with Rondo, the Pelicans have also reportedly agreed to bring back shooting guard Darius Miller, who started his career in New Orleans.

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