'Angry Wave' takes over Tulane's campus

'Angry Wave' takes over Tulane's campus

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Over 86,000 fans packed old Tulane Stadium in 1973 ready to see one thing, a Tulane victory over LSU for the first time since 1948.

On this night, a seminal moment in Green Wave history, Tulane shutout the Orange Bowl-bound Tigers 14-0.

"The celebration on the field was incredible. How we felt in the stands after all those years. My dad, who was a terrific Tulane fan, told me someday it's going to happen. Well he had passed away long since, and so that night I was pretty much thinking about him. Wow what a night," said Tulane graduate Angus Lind.

The Greenies dominated on the field, and the sideline that cold December night . LSU's legendary mascot "Mike the Tiger," found himself outnumbered and overwhelmed.

"There was these two incredibly oversized "Angry Wave's." They did a good job of inciting the crowd all night long," said Lind.

Created in 1964, the "Angry Wave" existed for 34 years on the Uptown campus, but in 1998 the athletic department introduced new logos, benching the lovable "Angry Wave."

Troy Dannen took over the Tulane athletic department in December of 2015. Only months into his new gig, the "Angry Wave" received a rebirth under the new AD.

"Just saw it in the hallway, and asked what it was. I thought it was awesome," said Dannen. "Then I asked four or five alumni what they thought about this "Angry Wave." Oh bring that back. So I floated it on social media. In this business you don't get 100 percent response rate to the sun coming up in the East. To this, it was 100 percent bring that back, we love that."

The "Angry Wave" logo adorned football helmets in the fall of 2016. Love for the one-of-a-kind emblem quickly followed.

"It's a national response, not just a local response now. Not just from alums, but casual football fans. We can identify ourselves with this. There's a lot of "T's" out there, there's only one "Angry Wave," said Dannen.

The Angry Wave's popularity isn't just reserved for the football. At NOLA Brewery, it's getting prime space on a new beverage.

"When they decided they wanted to do a beer to raise money for their sports programs they came to us first. It was a no-brainer, we weren't going to say no to that," said NOLA Brewery Founder & CEO Kirk Coco. "For the name you had to use Green Wave. It's their symbol,and when you think of Tulane, you thinking of that fighting "Angry Wave." One of the greatest mascots ever."

Now it's impossible to escape the "Angry Wave." From the 50-yard line of Yulman Stadium, to the Tulane gift shop, and bars around Uptown. The logos revival is big business for the school.

"The first quarter we had it, there was a significant jump. A 100 percent jump in our quarterly licensing revenue. Now that we've got all "Angry Wave" out there this year, we expect to see a significant gain in our licensing. If you got ten "T-Wave" t-shirts, it's about time to get one "Angry Wave," said a smiling Dannen.

Bevo at Texas, Big Al at Alabama, UGA at Georgia. You know the big-name schools, and you know the mascot's name. "Angry Wave" received national attention with his return, but could a nickname also be in the logo's future?

I call him angry guy. There is the "Angry Wave," but he doesn't have a name. Whether it should have a name or not, would be something for great debate. We have a fan advisory committee that convenes in the fall. We'll start to ask that question about, what kind of life do we want to give the "Angry Wave," said Dannen.

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