Boy Scouts of America celebrate Jamboree

Boy Scouts of America celebrate Jamboree

(WVUE) - The Boy Scouts of America and Venture Scouts are celebrating their National Scout Jamboree.

More than 50,000 Scouts, Venturers, volunteers and staff from all over the country will gather together for a big celebration of scouting.

The National Scout Jamboree is held every four years and lasts 10 days. During the Jamboree, Scouts camp out with friends, meet new friends, try new activities, learn new skills and enjoy the outdoors. The Scouts also get to experience exhibits, stadium shows with entertainment and opportunities to earn merit badges.

The event, which is a celebration of both Venturers and Explorers, lasts until July 28.

Venturing is an inclusive program through the Boy Scouts of America for both males and females aged 14-21. It is a youth led group that teaches life skills such as leadership, event planning, organization, communication and responsibility.

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