Relatives of teen shot in 7th Ward now worry about her sight - and neighborhood violence

Relatives of a teen shot on a 7th ward porch worry about her sight and violence

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The sister of a 13-year-old grazed by a bullet on her porch last night is thankful her sibling is alive. Doctors don't know yet if the teen will be able to see out of her left eye, which was grazed by a stray bullet.

"Nobody cares about life no more. It's ridiculous," said Logan Armstrong. "Put the guns down!"

Shattered windows on the family double show the aftermath of a gathering that ended in gunfire.

"We were all sitting on the porch. She was sitting on the two chairs outside. She was next to my mom and I was sitting on the stairs. There were four or five other kids from around the corner on the porch, as well," Armstrong said.

Armstrong said they heard gunshots coming from down the street and everybody hit the ground. Her sister got up from the chair, and one of several shots fired from a passing car, possibly at someone about 60 feet away, hit the 13-year-old instead.

"When she grabbed for her eye, she was trying to get into the house," Armstrong said. "She was telling my mom something was in her eye. When she took her hand down, it was a bunch of blood. It's like her eyelash was hanging off almost from her eyelid.

Neighbor Tamika Oliver was stunned.

"A child got shot, I was crying and it's crazy out here. A cruel world," Oliver said.

But neighbors said gunfire is at least a once-a-week occurrence.

"It's sad. Scared to come out at night. Going to the store, you don't even know what store to go to. People hanging out, you don't know if they got guns, wanna rob you or something. It's sad," said Emanuel Washington, who lives nearby.

Armstrong said her sister's eye is swollen and doctors want to make sure she can see out of it.

"It makes you not want to stay here anymore. She can't have childhood and be on the porch with her friends without people shooting. It's ridiculous," Armstrong said.

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