Possible relocation plan proposed for Confederate-era monument

Monument moving to Greenwood?

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - There's a potential plan for relocating the PGT Beauregard statue that was removed from public display in May as one of four Confederate-era monuments taken down in New Orleans.

The City Park Board President tells FOX 8  that the city and Greenwood Cemetery are now in talks about possibly relocating the statue. He said moving the monument to the cemetery is a good fit because it's already home to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers of the Confederacy.

A member of the group that fought to keep the monuments up also thinks it's a good idea.

"I think it's a fantastic idea and I'm happy and very proud City Park is doing it. It's a win-win for everybody. You know, the mayor gets it removed from his concept of public display, the people of New Orleans who want to retain it have an opportunity to put it in a more memorialized setting, the kind of setting the mayor said he was in favor of in the first place. There are other Confederate memorials in that cemetery, so Beauregard would fit there," said Richard Marksbury with the Monumental Task Committee.

We also asked New Orleanians what they think about the possible relocation.

"I really think, in my opinion, that we should move on, put that behind us. The war that we did, it was a bad thing. Slavery is not good for anybody, and from slavery we went, I went through the 60s, and it was not a good situation when you're drinking from different fountains and then the disrespect of that, it was terrible," said Frank Richard.

"I wouldn't think anybody that's a thinking person would want to praise the stupidity of some people by keeping certain people down while they're elevating themselves. So we didn't want to praise that, he was a general and he served in the Confederate Army and there's Confederate soldiers here that you say, I mean, it's part of our history so, you don't wipe out history. You just get informed and you teach it the way it really and what it really meant," said Susan Neahring.

We're told City Park Board members are involved in the possible relocation because they were once stewards of the statue.

We reached out to the city about this story, but a spokesperson told us they have no comment. We also called Greenwood Cemetery, but they have not returned our calls. 
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