Adrian Peterson excited to return to his first NFL fan base in Minnesota

Adrian Peterson excited to return to his first NFL fan base in Minnesota

(WVUE) - The return of a former player in professional sports can go either way: A player can be booed mercilessly or applauded for their contributions. Adrian Peterson has facts to back up his confidence that he'll be welcomed back warmly.

"My wife sent me a link two days ago and it was showing that my jersey sales, the New Orleans Saints jersey, is the leading seller in Minnesota, so the fan base there is still strong so it'll be good to get back out in front of them," he said.

After 10 years with the Vikings, Peterson has a new home in the NFL. Nonetheless, his tenure with the Saints will start right where he left off - back in Minnesota. He admitted that he is looking forward to the 2017 season opener.

"Yeah, a little bit, just to kind of get back and see some familiar faces, play in front of the fans I played in front of for 10 years, that'll be pretty outstanding," Peterson said.

He joins a Saints team where he is the fourth-longest tenured veteran in the locker room, but that hasn't created any conflict for the laid back running back.

"It's been pretty smooth," he said. "We've got a great room, great locker room with great personalities in here. I've always been a guy that's pretty low key, like to fly under the radar, so coming in here and knowing that Brees is that guy, I just come in and fit in, do my job. I don't expect a lot of attention or people to treat me a certain way. I know I have a job to do and that's what I come here to do and in the midst of that, enjoy myself."

Peterson will get his first chance to show off his physical prowess to his teammates Saturday when the Saints hold their first padded practice. It will also be the first session of training camp open to the public.

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