Tropical Storm Emily a 'home grown' storm

Tropical Storm Emily a 'home grown' storm

(WVUE) - This morning we see in Tropical Storm Emily a classic example of a "home grown" tropical storm.

I started telling you guys last Thursday that we need to watch these unusually strong fronts that make it into the Gulf in late July and August.

One of the most glaring examples is Hurricane Alicia in 1983. It formed from a cold front that dropped into the Northern Gulf of Mexico.

A depression formed late on August 14th and by August 17th there was a Category 3 hurricane making landfall along the Upper Texas Coast.

These are the types of storms that keep everyone up. Where you have little time to react and they become monsters overnight.

Think about the fact that Hurricane Katrina went from an area of storms to a Category 1 hurricane hitting Miami in less than 48 hours and within a few days after that its landfall in Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi.

Hurricane Charley in 2004 went from a strong Category 2 over the SE Gulf to a Category 4 in just a few hours.

Hurricane intensity is very difficult and it is our Achilles heel with tropical forecasting.

The old rule still applies that we prepare for a Category higher. If it's a strong tropical storm we prepare for a Category 1. If it's a Category 2 we need to prepare for a Category 3 because of the uncertainty in the forecast.

Hurricane season is just beginning. Let's all be ready together.

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