Local political analysts weigh in on recent White House turnover

Local political analysts weigh in on recent White House turnover

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Local political analysts weighed in Monday on the most recent turnover in the White House and what they believe the new chief of staff needs to do next.

"This is unprecedented, the high turnover, the level of controversies, the instability and most of it is self-inflicted so, everything is so unprecedented here and so that makes a lot of people feel unease," said New Orleans political analyst Silas Lee.

Lee says now that General John Kelly is the new White House Chief of Staff, he wouldn't be surprised if there are more resignations or shifts in the administration.

"What you do with something like this, you start a clean slate at the very beginning, you don't let anything metastasize especially in reference to controversy," said Lee.

Local public relations expert and frequent Republican strategist James Hartman also weighed in on the dismissal of White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci.

"Scaramucci may have been trying to out-Trump Trump. You know, this president has built a reputation both as a candidate and as a chief executive for speaking his mind even when his mind wasn't made up, and for being a tad crude about it, and Mr. Scaramucci last week just took that very,very over the top, he went way too far with profanity, with publicly attacking other White House staffers and, I think, causing embarrassment to the White House," said Hartman.

Hartman adds the recent turnover in the Trump administration doesn't reflect well upon the White House or the administration.

"I think General Kelly is the best hope for this administration to stabilize and to right itself. I think General Kelly hopefully can keep not only the staff in line, but keep the President himself in line in terms of communication," said Hartman.

Lee says Kelly needs to change the perception of the White House.

"What Kelly is going to have to do is try to stop the White House from being perceived as a real-life reality show like 'The Apprentice,' and that's the thing that many political observers and people within the party itself - they were very concerned about that the White House and the Trump Administration was becoming the reality show that he was the host of."

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