Morten Andersen recalls his improbable journey to the HOF

Morten Andersen is the third Saint in Pro Football HOF

(WVUE) - There have been many unique journeys here to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but perhaps none have been more improbable than Morten Andersen's.

Football was never a part of Andersen's life plans, yet here he is, with the ultimate honor as one of the greatest to ever play.

"Once I bought into the American dream I was all-in. Just like Jerry Jones pushed all his chips in when he bought the Cowboys. I felt the same way about my career. Fully invested, and just there," said Morten Andersen.

From foreign exchange student in 1977, to the pro football hall of fame in 2017, Saints kicker Morten Andersen certainly took the road less traveled to Canton.

His career spanned 25 seasons, and a guy who didn't see his first football game until he was 17, certainly left his mark on the sport.

No player has played more n-f-l games. No one has scored more points.
No one has kicked more field goals than Andersen.

Andersen said he instantly cried when he got the news, and hopes his induction opens the door for more specialist to get in.

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