Adrian Peterson's vegan diet working well so far

Adrian Peterson's vegan diet working well so far

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Minus the occasional visit to Church's Chicken, according to Adrian Peterson himself, the former Viking's gone about 80 percent vegan.

"I'm really just trying to be more conscious of what I put in my body," says Peterson.

While the vegan diet's certainly grown in popularity, some worry about how it affects playing weight, but Peterson insists that he'll be the same he's always been in that category.

"My weight has been consistent between 217 and 220 (pounds)," says Peterson. "I have not lost any muscle. I actually came in and put on a couple more pounds of muscle. I have been pleased with it so far."

As for his play on the field, still no word on how soon it will be before we see AD in game action. Since 2013 in Minnesota, he hasn't seen the field before week one of the regular season.

"Maybe I'm itching a little more this offseason," says Peterson. "Plus, I don't know how they (the Saints) do things. If they starters go out there and play no matter what, then hey, I'm buttoning up, and I'm going."

More than adjusting to anything physically after missing most of 2016, Peterson says he wants to be on the same page as his new quarterback.

"Drew Brees is a general back there," says Peterson. "He talks so fast when he calls plays. I'm just taking advantage looking at the playbook and making sure I'll be prepared when my number is called."

Peterson says it's normal to be playing catch-up with a new team, but he certainly wants to be be up to speed sooner than later. Saints fans are certainly hoping he lives up to his past and comes out fast against his former team, the Vikings, in week one.

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